Mego Rewards Rewards users on any event

Keep your users active through rewards

What’s the point of developing your app if people stop using it after a couple of days! With Mego Rewards, you’re able to reward your users based on the criteria you set. This makes them want to user your app more, which helps you by increasing engagement and ultimately driving additional revenue.

Not only does it make the user experience more enjoyable, it helps you as a developer keep your users on your app over the long-term for sustainability.

Easily create multiple rewards for your users on the go. Tweak offers and rewards in order to keep your users engaged longer – boosting your brand awareness, in-app purchases, and long-term user base. If you have multiple apps, you can cross-promote and build up your app ecosystem!

  • Give your customers welcome rewards, daily come back rewards & more
  • Also reward for engagement activities, using features, custom events, etc.
  • Set rewards for sharing app, content with friends, or browsing stuff, & more
  • Daily, continuous, recurring, activity, or connect with Events for custom rules
  • Promote your App
  • User Offer wall
  • Download & Share campaigns
  • Regional Publishing
  • Welcome rewards
  • Daily Rewards
  • Continuous usage rewards
  • Re-engagement rewards
  • Totally Dynamic
Mego Rewards

Installation 15 Mins

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  • Features
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  • Themes
  • CMS
  • SDK

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