Mego Action

Make Investors love your hyper speed & execution

  • MevoLife – Healthy Living

    Health & Fitness

  • Photo Magix

    Great Multi-functional Photo Editor!

  • Phone & Battery Magix

    All-in-one Super Tool to Boost your Phone!

  • Diabetes Tracker

    Powerful Diabetes Management App

  • Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

    One Box with Many Apps in a Simple Interface

Mego Demo Apps

Demo App Screen Shots

  • Mego Pro

    Advanced trials & locks

  • Mego User

    Create and Manage Users

  • Mego Shop

    Sell Products & Features

  • Mego Helper

    Powerful in-app Support

  • Mego Coin

    Exciting virtual currency

  • Mego Rewards

    Rewards users on any event

  • Mego Chat

    Hyper smart events tracker