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Let your users talk in real-time & create a truly unique experience

Mego Chat gives you the ability to create an app that people will love! Engaging and useful, the addition of real-time chat features can turn a relatively simple app into one that stands-out. With all communications between users encrypted using secure connections, your users won’t need to worry about the data or privacy breaches. Working perfectly with other Mego modules, and set in by the simple control panel, it’s an effective way to easily create vibrant app communities and get your users talking to each other fast, directly or in chat rooms in whatever way suits them. Not just that, it works with awesome compatibility on both Apple and Android devices like a charm.

Add a powerful and secure chat with cool themes. A host of most advanced features in modern chat apps like typing Status, message delivered or read, online / offline status, blocking friends, last active status, chat groups, chat rooms, with guest (anonymous) users, or bag full more. All is possible here.

Besides all this, you and your users are always in control. You get the control panel with all configuration available for you to set easily, including what features are allowed to be used by your users, and their limits. And your users also have a lot of power since they get to use those features, which are generally missing from general chat apps.

  • Get up and running in no time to add a powerful and secure chat with cool themes
  • One-to-one, group & broadcast messaging, chat rooms, group admin, block users
  • Supports multi media – text, photos, videos, audios, docs, contacts, maps etc.
  • Powerful frills like user profiles, avatars, wallpapers, emoticons, typing status, etc.
  • Attractive themes
  • Real time User Chats
  • Group Chats
  • Chat Rooms
  • Chat & Status History
  • Invite users
  • User Privacy
  • Images, Audio & Video files
  • Maps & Documents
Mego Chat

Installation 15 Mins

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  • Features
  • App
  • Themes
  • CMS
  • SDK

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