Mego User Create and manage users

The simplest way to get users registered and managed

Mego User is a perfect tool to make user registration, management, optimization and targeting a real breeze. You can have users sign in with existing profiles on Facebook, Google+, or self registration with an email or phone registration based on SMS authentication. You can also bring your previous users and implement your own theme. Smartly remind your users to register using auto prompts, who skips the registration for first time

Registration and authentication often become very complex to maintain for a robust rich app as the number of possibilities and complexities of the app features, and the resulting cases, simply become the biggest problem points for your users. This area can simply break the app for the user by bouncing them back or showing no user data, profiles, purchases, & other important things, besides resetting password or re-authentication problems. With many themes, backup and syncing of user data between multiple devices, you’ll have all your bases covered.

Using smart user data, you can also use other Mego modules to sell, push promotions, cross promote, send alerts, and rewards or build hyper powerful and engaging communities of users with mego chat and mego social plugins.

  • Apply simple Facebook or Google + sign in, or own registration with email or phone
  • Add multi-platform access from Apple or Android, besides multi-device user access
  • With multiple login provision, user profile, data, history, backup, etc. will all be synced
  • Know your users, actions & behaviors to setup targetive promotions & make money
  • Register with fb
  • Register with G+
  • Register with Email
  • Register with Phone number
  • User Verification
  • Advanced Reminders
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Multi Device access
  • User Data Sync
Mego User

Installation 15 Mins

  • User
  • Features
  • App
  • Themes
  • CMS
  • SDK

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