Mego Coin Exciting virtual currency

Create and manage virtual currencies for your app.

Virtual currency enables opportunities to increase the value you get per user of your app. Too many times than not, users have to be enticed or re-engaged with your app store front to browse for products, offers & make purchases. With Mego coin, you get that ability by introducing the power of virtual currency within the app. Your users can also buy virtual credits in bulk for discounts, which in-turn results in higher and more perpetual sales for your store front.

And like Mego Shop, you can set differential ‘virtual pricing’ for different platforms, stores or region of the buyer. Besides supporting one time charges and subscription or both, this plugin leaves your users asking for a lot more.

Besides pair this with the engaging Mego rewards plugin, and you can get to push credits to your users on various occasions, usage or festivities to break the ice with non-active users, and bring them back to the store to make purchases encouraged by the partial adjustments provided by the credits or buying promos or discounts with it.

  • Sell credits in bulk first and let them be used for one time or subscription charges
  • Set different pricing based on platform or location & make changes to price anytime
  • Virtual currency is a 'wallet' of your users which keeps them coming back for more
  • Further entice & engage users with Rewards with hyper engaging Mego rewards plugin
  • Virtual money
  • Universal Credit Matrix
  • In-App economy
  • One Time Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Partial Purchases
  • Seasonal purchases
  • %age & value Discounts
  • Dynamic Regional Prices
Mego Coin

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