Mego Social Add the social zing for your app

Create a vibrant community and see engagement soar

You have great content on your app, or maybe your users submit some great content, but there’s one disconnect. They don’t know how much people love what they’re doing, so they get tired and stop posting entirely.

With Mego Social, you can allow your users to express their thoughts on your blog, recipes, photographs, articles or restaurant ambiance & the food they ordered. Mego Social is pre-loaded with features like Like, Dislike,  Comment, Share, Follow & many more.. You can do all with easy to use CMS panel.

In short, this is the smartest way to increase user engagement.

  • Integrates with social media platforms, allowing your app to spread organically!
  • Show your social media account followers & likes in your app in a flick.
  • Manage Comment, Ratings & Reviews options & Show your social media account followers & likes in your App
  • Robust ‘Report’ feature, allowing your users to self-moderate user-submitted content.
  • Like-dislike
  • Comments
  • Views
  • Ratings
  • Vote
  • Mark as fav
Mego Social

Installation 15 Mins

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