Mego Event Hyper smart events tracker

The brain of the platform where all the intelligence comes into play

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know what your users are doing in the app, what pages or product they visited, when did they exit the app, if they logged a new entry, or just about anything or any event within the app, in order to connect you with your users’ in-app behavior and thus providing you with extremely powerful insights about them?

Track & analyze these data points to create powerful rules & actions like sending personalized messages, inviting or rewarding them for getting in the app for the first time, signing up, using the app on daily basis, or completing events like adding a product in the cart or wishlist, abandoning the cart without purchase, sharing the app or a product with friends, logging a run, writing a blog, watching an ad, or anything else, even sky is not the limit here

You can also set any events as re-occurring and they would magically get auto-triggered like App or content updates. Besides, Mego Events is smart, really smart.. Smart enough to let you use this user data to connect back with your users like never before. Combine it with other Mego modules and you can just about do anything to go that last mile.

  • Use any pre-configured events or hyper smart rules in the system
  • Set your own app events or rules no matter how complex they are
  • Know the interests, preferences, behavior, or problems of a user
  • Boost interest, experience, sales funnel, re-engagement & conversions
  • Pre defined Events
  • Custom Events
  • Add Tags for Rich Events
  • Powerful Parameters
  • Manual & Dynamic Values
  • Dynamic Rules
  • Single & Combo
  • Recurring Actions
  • Measure Achievements
Mego Event

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