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The true success of a business largely depends upon its ability to connect, hear & respond timely to its customers. Mego helper aims at supporting your app and in that respect your users by setting up a powerful & robust customer support & feedback system. You can add from ‘Help’ options including help menus, tutorials, demos and FAQs, as well as from the powerful ‘Feedback’ options like rating & review, user queries, surveys, feedback forms, etc.

You can also create preset queries for collecting user feedback and responses in various forms & besides adding multiple variations of Surveys to attract prospective as well as serving existing customers. Combined these can help you gather critical information about your app, products, services or any other business processes.

You can also view, manage and respond to your users, within the app, simply by using the helper dashboard in the control panel & let your users trust your brand, by supporting & addressing their issues and answering the queries.

  • Setup a full board Help desk to serve users 24/7 and boost customer satisfaction
  • Choose from many available themes, options & templates to add different sections
  • Help options include Help menus, tutorials, app walk-through, demos, FAQs etc.
  • Feedback includes ratings, user query, survey, opinions, uninstall & feedback forms
  • Tutorials
  • FAQ
  • Help section
  • Surveys
  • Inquiry
  • Broadcast
  • Update Available
  • Feedback
  • Ratings & Reviews
Mego Helper

Installation 15 Mins

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