Mego Pro Advanced trials & locks

Effectively Manage Trials, Limits & Restrictions on all Features!

The best way to grow your number of users is through a free-trial or through light versions of an app. Give prime features for a trial and then get paid for those. Set up your app & create trials of any kind with powerful Mego Pro, even when it is already live. Moreover, you can set different trials for different regions to get higher conversions.

Set trial limits on things like 500 MB free storage before paying, 7-day free trial before paying, download 5 items per day for a month before paying and many more.. Further, the zone enables you to dynamically implement limits & restrictions on features!

  • Simply change your inputs on the user-friendly CMS so you don’t need to worry about coding
  • Create complex trials based on days, count & usage in a snap.
  • Change or set new limits & restrictions on features even when the App is live in stores
  • Create and manage multiple releases of a product using versions, all of which have customized configurations.
  • Days based trials
  • Usage based trials
  • Max Items based Trials
  • Count based trials
  • Recurring Trials
  • Combo trials
  • Dynamic trials
  • Prioritize Trials
  • Multi Versions
Mego Pro

Installation 15 Mins

  • Pro
  • Features
  • App
  • CMS
  • SDK
Mego Publish

Installation 15 Mins

Mego Publish Premier catalogs manager

Upload and manage all your content in one place

Do you want to create a catalog for your magazine, recipes, yoga videos, wallpapers, exercises, movies, beauty services, music album, restaurant menu, etc. or you want to create some sticker packs or album, you can easily manage all your content in a click with Mego Publish.

With many themes and Category/Subcategory/Product flow, you’ll have all your bases covered. Supporting all major text and multimedia file types, you’ll be able to connect with your users any way you like! All in real-time, you can even sort all your content into multiple languages to make the localization of your app easier than ever!

Saving you hours of coding, just a simple upload and you’re done! All your content is live and ready for your users to view without having to update your app.

  • Upload any type of product/pack/album in your app.
  • On any device, any platform, and any store – all your content in one place
  • Save time switching between platforms, tailoring content for different devices, and uploading to different stores
  • Manage it all with super functions like move, mirror, assign, publish, and many more
  • Attractive Free Themes
  • Premium Themes
  • Product Catalogue
  • Advanced Tabular view
  • Packs & Album support
  • Audio, Video & Gif
  • Text, pdf & Link
  • Regional Publishing
  • Schedule & Publish
  • Dynamic Activation
Mego Publish

Installation 15 Mins

  • Publish
  • Features
  • App
  • Themes
  • CMS
  • SDK

Mego Prompt Dynamically implement limits

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach your users for broadcasting a message, introducing a new feature, showing some alerts, or show wait timer to non-paying users as hindrance before feature usage, and much more using in app prompt

  • Integrate this useful module in minutes without getting in hassle of coding.
  • Add a prompt on the highly used feature of the app, for higher conversions.
  • Powerful frills like formats, custom designing, automated occurrence, etc.
  • Dynamic management & modifications
  • Catalogues
  • Subscriptions
  • Attractive layouts
  • Gallery
  • Multi Device access
  • Discounts
  • Daily Rewards
  • Continuous usage rewards
Mego Prompt

Installation 15 Mins

  • Prompt
  • App
  • CMS
  • SDK
Mego Bubble

Installation 15 Mins

Mego Bubble Hyper secure file sharing

Always wanted to be sure about the security of files before sharing them with others. You can get ultimate protection with encryption while sending/receiving files using Mego Bubble. This is the fastest way to share files

Lets you store and share files easily and with high security. You can share & store file on Mego Drive & share files with your colleague or with any one using email-id’s. Data automatically gets deleted after expiry

  • Keeps hackers & fraudsters at bay
  • Send confidential data in a highly safe manner
  • Supports Email & SMS authentication
  • Permits multi-device access and Data Sync
  • Highly Secured
  • Auto Delete, once Expired
  • Keep Your Files Safe
  • Restrict file Download in a network
  • Access your File Anywhere
  • Keep File to a Closed Group
Mego Bubble

Installation 15 Mins

  • Bubble
  • App
  • CMS
  • SDK